Refresh Your Senses


Nestled in peaceful and tranquil natural surrounds, these Ojai retreats offer guests an opportunity for contemplation and rejuvenation.  

The Ojai Retreat

A haven of beauty and tranquility nestled on a five-acre hilltop, this secluded retreat features 12 completely renovated guest rooms, most with private garden or patio, and all with panoramic views of the Ojai Valley.


The Pepper Tree Retreat

This retreat features vegan/vegetarian cuisine from former home of philosopher J. Krishnamurti. Serene grounds and nearby orange groves inspire guests to slow their pace and reconnect with nature.


Rolling Thunder Ranch

Rustic, tropical luxury ranch & retreat. A very private, one-of-a-kind experience. Pet friendly.


Churchill Residence

Historic craftsman farmhouse secluded among orchards in Ojai's East End. With spectacular views, the Churchill Residence is a favorite for any group seeking a tranquil retreat. Accommodates up to nine guests, includes a pool and hot tub.